Discovering Our Deepest Desire

Learn the skills and tools for Catholic marriage enrichment.

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“We loved your program and we recommended it to the Arlington Diocese and other parishes. We love you and your wife! You were both so relatable, honest, and funny….The program helps to grow and enrich your marriage and is designed to build a relationship with Christ in and through the Mass.”

-Jennifer Sturgeon
Director of Marriage Enrichment Ministry
Nativity Catholic Church, Diocese of Arlington

Building a Eucharistic Marriage


This series connects 7 areas for therapeutically strengthening your marriage with 7 areas of deepening your relationship with Christ through the Eucharist. You can go through them at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Get the Christ-centered help your marriage deserves today. 

Upcoming In-Person Classes

Archdiocese of Cincinnati:

 St. Margaret of York Church (Loveland, OH):
 Jan. 18 to Feb. 29, 2024 (Completed)

 Our Lady of the Rosary (Cincinnati, OH):
 Feb. 28 to Apr. 10, 2024

 St. Luke Church (Beavercreek, OH):
 Aug. 13 to Sept. 24, 2024

 St. Gertrude Parish (Madeira, OH):
  Oct. 3 to Nov. 14, 2024

 St. Margaret of York Church (Loveland, OH):
  Jan. 2025 (TBD)

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Best Marriage counselors in Dayton
Best Marriage counselors in Dayton
Best Marriage counselors in Dayton
Best Marriage counselors in Dayton

What We Offer

Bringing Discovering Our Deepest Desire to my church

In order to bring the program to your church, it is vital to first have support from your church pastor or other leaders. Talk to your pastor to see what marriage enrichment groups or activities are in place.

Ask your leadership if they would be interested in bringing the program to your church and could preach about the importance of marriage to your congregation. 

Next, recruit a team which can help you get the program off the ground. This team will be responsible for inviting couples into the classes and marketing the program effectively. Finally, you will want to have several couples trained in the DODD curriculum so they can facilitate the program at your church. These basic steps will help get you started, but we are always willing to answer your individual questions in order to make the program successful.

Becoming an instructor

There are two different ways to instruct the Discovering Our Deepest Desire program in a church or group setting. The first is as an Official Instructor. An Official DODD Instructor has attended a two or three day training seminar. During this seminar, participants learn how to best teach the program to others and answer questions that may arise. All instructors receive a manual which guides them through the Catholic marriage enrichment content. 

A second option is to become a Workshop Facilitator. Then you will guide the class members through the pre-recorded DVD videos. Facilitators are still responsible for reviewing the class content from the manual prior to the sessions, just like instructors. 

If you have an interest in learning the DODD curriculum, we are happy to discuss with you which teaching option might be best.

Teaching Marriage Enrichment in different ways

There are three different ways to teach the Discovering Our Deepest Desire program: the 12-session option, 7-session option, and extended weekend option. 

The 12-session Discovering Our Deepest Desire option is the most optimal. It covers the entirety of the program’s information. This longer duration is meant to address the areas of marital difficulty, as well as, help couples develop a pattern of spending time together every week. Finally, our helpful guide gives instructors a breakdown of how much time to spend on each topic over the 12 sessions.

The 7-session option focuses on the seven key habits of a thriving marriage. This program option, also known as “Building a Eucharistic Marriage,” teaches participants how to develop better relationships with Christ and their spouse. In addition, this 7-session program covers a majority of the Catholic marriage enrichment information in a shorter period of time. 

The Discovering Our Deepest Desire program can also be presented over an extended weekend. During this option, participants meet over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and learn critical habits for a healthy marriage. After the weekend, couples will be able to decide for themselves which tools from the program to utilize.


The homework made us recommit and reorient our time back to connecting with each other
and reordering the marriage rightly. I appreciate the seven weeks because now we can
keep going out on Thursday nights!


Gaining lifelong tools on how and why having a strong relationship with my spouse and God
are so important.


It re-ignited conservations and a closeness with my spouse. We are talking about many
things we avoided for years.


Greg really took the time to not only teach but share life experience and greatly facilitated
discussion in our group. It is easy to see how passionate he is and how much he cares for
the success in our marriage and lives. I believe this has deeply enriched our marriage.

I would recommend it to any of my friends and family.


I like that the class was Eucharistically based. It was beautiful and powerfully strengthening to be renewed in our commitment to each other in Our Lord!

Corey & Tammy

Both my spouse and I believe that had we not attended the DODD class, we would be “settling” for the marriage we had, instead of striving to obtain the marriage and relationship we both wanted.


I thank God for inspiring the author to put solid material together in an informative and positive manner. This program is suitable and helpful for any and all marriages: great marriages, good marriages, okay marriages as well as marriages with difficulties.