While marriage can be full of exciting experiences, the day to day time spent with your partner can often feel dull. If you’re wanting to bring back a little spark in your relationship but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend, try these three things every day.

1. Text or call your spouse to see how their day is going. Even though workdays can be busy, sparing a minute or two in the day to reach out to your spouse can make a big difference. Try sending your spouse a text with several cute emojis or use an enduring nickname with them. They’ll be glad to know you’re thinking of them throughout the day.

2. Spend a few minutes holding hands. If you aren’t feeling mentally or emotionally close to your spouse, physical touch can help restore some connection. If physical touch hasn’t been part of your marriage for a while, start small. Hug your partner or touch them gently on the arm. Eventually work in touch, such as hand-holding, for longer periods of time.

3. Thank your partner every day. There are many things to thank your spouse for, you just need to think outside of the box. Thank your partner for helping with a chore around the house or for taking care of the kids for an evening. You can even thank your partner for marrying you. After all, they had a choice and chose you! Thanking your partner will help them feel more loved and appreciated.

Remember marriage can be challenging, but even a few affectionate actions every day can improve your relationship! Need a little help? Our classes for married and engaged people — next one begins in January — can help rekindle that love.